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I love ladybugs not only because of their beautiful polka-dots, or that they come in red or orange – not to mention they are so darn cute.  I really, really like them because they eat other bad bugs that are in the garden, like aphids. 

Also, ladybugs lay hundreds of egg in the colonies of aphids and other plant eating pests.  When they hatch, the ladybug larvae immediately begin to feed.  By the end of its three-to-six week life, a lady bug may eat some  5,000 aphids.  Pretty amazing, uh?




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Fresh Eggs

There is nothing like fresh eggs. I mean, look at them;  They look like Easter Eggs! So beautiful!

The Benefits of getting Eggs locally

#1  – you know where they’re coming from.

In our case… we have a friend that has about 50 laying hens, they are mostly Road Island Reds, and Dominique.  My husband calls them “Dominiquer chickens.” 🙂  I just know they lay the most beautimust eggs I have ever seen!

#2 – You’re helping out local Farmers.

#3– They scramble up really well! 🙂

#4– The Farmer gives them to us for free – ’cause we’re Friends, and such.

#5– I do give him canned goods; like beets, and pickles – ’cause, I get to feeling guilty.

#6-We get almost 3 dozen a week and I do share with my neighbors, too.  They love to see me coming with fresh eggs in hand.

Just a silly picture …

This is a picture that I found online.  Look at the chicken-dude in the last row in the middle.  WOW!  He looks like a chicken-witch-doctor! HAH!! Kinda skeery!

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